I try and move,

But I’m slowed down,

in an invisible mud,

Fighting not to drown,

But not a violent fight,

No slashing, no thrashing,

It’s  subtle plight,

Slowly lashing,

Bits of my soul,

Are starting to crack,

The foundations are giving,

Is it strength that I lack?

Is the fire too dim?

My wisdom too weak?

The path too dark?

My resolve too meek?

If I find the right way,

Will that inspire hope?

Will it light the flame inside me,

Allow me to cope?

Will it awken me,

sever my chains,

Turn the sand to water,

Bring colors from rains,

My heart often hardens,

An anchor, a weight,

I create my own prison,

Alone with my freight,

It’s a beautiful dance,

Tragic and hollow,

Vibrant and loving,

Sadness and sorrow,

The obsession I seek,

The conflict within,

Only time will tell,

If I move freely again…

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