A DITL of a Bachelorette (1142 words)

Aanya opens her eyes and stares out her window out into the organized disarray of cosmopolitan life surrounding her.  It’s six am but she can hear the whisper of life as it reaches her high rise studio apartment.  A warm, rich, robust aroma fills her senses.  She smiles, and gets up towards her coffee.

She is 35 and recently re-located out to this new magnificent city at the recommendation of Fill, her AI companion.  Fill is able to tell Aanya precisely where her ideal place in the world is to live, among other things.  And as her personality, desires, and beliefs evolve, Fill can pinpoint her new ideal habitat based on a number of factors including the character traits of the community occupants.  “Good Morning Aanya,” Fill says, his voice coming from above gently filling the room as not to startle Aanya.

“Hello Fill, thank you for the coffee,” Aanya responds warmly.

“You’re welcome.  It’s a beautiful day today, would you like to hear your schedule?”

“Yes, please.”

“You have your morning jog followed by a few hours of research.  You’ll have afternoon boxing and meditation yoga and you can grab lunch at the Stella cafe and brasserie on your way to your writing studio for the remainder of the afternoon.  You have a Dinner date at Riage, on the rooftop this evening with Xiaoli and if afterwards you wish it, I can schedule a physical date in the companion room.  Afterwards, you’ll have your own time to unwind with reading or entertainment.”

“Thank you Fill.”

Aanya sipped her cup of coffee at the counter in her kitchen, looking out the window, drifting further into the thoughts of her mind.  Aanya is a social historian.  She documents the history of how humans interacted and the social norms, behaviors, and institutions that define various time periods.  Therefore, Aanya is in a unique position to appreciate humanity’s social progress.  She often thinks of it and how grateful she is to be living in the time period she does.


Aanya heads out for her morning run on the elevated pedestrian path in the city.  The path is lined with trees and overlooking the city river.  Strips of grass and benches line the river and there are several folks contemplating or perhaps just enjoying the beautiful morning with no worries at all.  That was not Aanya.  She practically lived within her mind, constantly floating on clouds of thoughts.  She began thinking of what it must have been like to be married.  Waking up, going to sleep, raising a family, and sharing your life.  Doesn’t seem that bad as an ideal she thought.  But most marriages didn’t last back then.  And the ones that did were overwhelmingly unhappy.  At least that’s what her research todl her which included directly interviewing the marriages that still existed, mostly in rural areas.  While people still get married today but it was a minority of the global population.  But the ones that did were more successful now with advanced matching algorithms.

On her way to her writing studio Aanya passed a satellite learning and growth center for children.  There was a playground outside and children were running outdoors.  She thought back on her childhood at her own L&G center.  The centers were global now and were the primary means children were raised and educated.  People rarely raised their own children anymore.  It didn’t really make sense.  The L&G centers took in newborns and raised them.  It was extremely competitive to be a teacher at the L&G centers.  The assessments and acceptance rates were among the most selective in the world.  After all these teachers would be nurturing and educating the next generation of humanity.  And the centers had become bodies of knowledge powered by decades of research, continuous learning and monitoring of best practices for children, and enabled not only by the teaching, nursing, and nurture staff but also by world class psychologists and childhood education academics.  And all of the infromation was personalized to ensure the ideal or closest to ideal growth experience for each individual child.

Aanya had gone through the program until she was 16, when she graduated and chose where to go next in her life.  She had chosen academia to pursue her passion for history and writing.  The L&G center and Fill had helped guide her in making her choice.  She did know her parents.  Parents were as involved as they wanted to be.  Her mother and father would visit her separately at least once a week.  Her parents were matched as an ideal parenting pair, maximizing genetic diversity and lowering the probability of defects, although medical science had progressed to the point now where most genetic defects could be caught ahead of time and fixed prior to birth.

Aanya was fascinated by the traditional birthing process and what it would be like to carry a child inside of her for 9 months and then feeding them from her own body.  It seemed almost archaic to her now.  She herself was grown in an incubator.  Most children were.  It was at that point in history, when birth became external, that women made giant leaps in equality all over the world.  In fact, women today had the majority of leadership roles in society.

Fill let Aanya know it was time for her dinner date so Aanya finished up her writing and headed out to the dinner restaurant.  There she met Xiomi, a lovely young woman about Aanya’s age.  Xiaomi had an ancestry of about 15 different ethnicities the majority of which were from what used to be East Asia.  Aanya herself was a combination of 9, primarily from former south Asia.  Fill had matched Aanya to Xiamo, specifically for their interests in societal norms.  Xiamo focused on internatonal relations, and worked for the World Interactive Society of Engaged Representatives.  Aanya was enthralled by Xiaomi’s travels all over the world in support of global initiatives.  Fill was excellent at matching Aanya to various partners based on needs, whether it was topical discussions, outdoor excursions, travel partners, and romantic partners.  Some she maintained close relationships with and others she met on occassion.  It was a system that provided Aanya complete fullfillment in all aspects of her life.  Whatever the dimension that she wanted to connect on, she could be paired with someone or set up with a group to connect with.

She walked home after dinner, and let Fill know that she’d pass on the physical date tonight.  She entered her room and sat on the balcony with a glass of wine.  She read under the night sky, “The bulter’s tale”, a story of a dystopic society where men are deprived of rights.  I can’t believe this was based on a true story she thought.  Her imagination carried her away into a world of subjugation and oppression.  Luckily it was all in her head.

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